We are pleased to announce the 9th International Kimberlite Conference (9IKC), which will be held at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany, between 10-15 August 2008.

The conference continues the series of regular events in 4-5 year intervals with the beginnings in Cape Town in 1973. Keeping in the tradition of previous conferences, the present meeting is meant to bring together both the academic and exploration communities to exchange recent scientific results and experiences and to promote progress.

Please note that a list of participants can be found on your field trip CD !
To view the 9IKC extended abstracts please follow this link. Select the session of interest and click on „Accepted Contributions“, or search for an author, title or abstract No. on the left.


The 9IKC Organizing Committee

Gerhard Brey, Heidi Höfer
Steve Foley, Frank Brenker, Dorrit Jacob, Jeff Harris, Jörg Keller, Volker Lorenz, Graham Pearson, Chris B. Smith, Thomas Stachel, Alan Woodland

Rio Tinto

De Beers-Diamond Sponsor




University of Frankfurt