Field trips

1 Kimberlites in Finland (pre-conf.: 7.8. - 9.8.2008)
2 Kimberlites in Greenland (pre-conf.: 1.8.-6.8.2008)
3 Alkaline complexes of the Kola peninsula (post-conf.: 17.08.-23.08.2008)
4 West Eifel field trips (pre-conf.: 7.8. - 10.8.2008; post-conf.: 16.8. - 18.8.2008)

Final registration is closed cancelled

Luggage storage For luggage storage at Frankfurt International Airport, see:

Final field trip registration

  1. Before you do the final registration, please download the waiver of claims form, fill it out and fax it to: +49-69-798-40121.
  2. Please note that only those who have pre-registered for a field trip can carry out the final registration.
  3. To carry out the final registration, click here and “buy the product” in the COSIS internet shop. Make sure that every person registers with the personal COSIS ID (which is the same as for the pre-registration).

Field trip registration

Please read these lines before you pre-register for a field trip at the bottom of this window!

1 The 9IKC field trip registration will be split into 2 parts.
Part 1: pre-registration is open until 6 February 2008 when a first 20% of a field trip cost is to be paid.
Part 2: final registration is open between 15th February and 30th April 2008, when full payment is required.

The amount of the full payment will be adapted to the real costs according to the number of pre-registered participants after 6st February.

2 Accompanying persons are welcome and may pre-register as above. Beforehand, they should register in the COSIS system to get an own COSIS ID and then continue to pre-register as above. In addition, accompanying persons must send an email to the Conference Secretariat pointing out the name of the person with whom they are travelling. In case of overbooking of the field trip by regular participants, accompanying persons will have to withdraw. In this case, any prepayment will be fully refunded.

Accompanying persons on the field trips must be over the age of 19 years.

3 Deadlines

6st February 2008 end of pre-registration and arrival of pre-payment
8th February 2008 notification of possible field trip cancellations and of the acceptance of accompanying persons. Start of final registration (for pre-registered participants only)
30th April 2008 end of final registration for field trips

4 All field trip participants must be registered participants of 9IKC by the time of the field trip

5 Medical and other insurance ** IMPORTANT **

9IKC registration fees do not include insurance for participants against personal injuries, sickness, theft or damage. This applies to any event associated with the conference including field trips. Participants are advised to obtain whatever insurance they consider necessary. Foreign visitors to Germany and Europe are not covered by the local medical insurance plans. We strongly recommend that 9IKC participants obtain appropriate short-term health and accident insurance before leaving home.

Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that at the time you register for the Conference and book your travel you take out an insurance policy of your choice. The policy should include loss of fees/deposit through cancellation of your participation in the Conference, loss of international/domestic air fares through cancellation for any reason, loss of tour monies through cancellation for any reason including airline or related services strikes within Europe, failure to utilise tours or pre booked arrangements due to airline delay, Force Majeure or any other reason, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered. The 9IKC cannot take any responsibility for any participant failing to arrange their own insurance. This insurance is to be purchased in your country of origin.

All field trip participants must have proof of a health and accident insurance. A “waiver of claims” form will be prepared for downloading and signature by every participant at the final field trip registration.

6 Payments

Field trip costs will be payable in two steps via the COSIS internet shop by credit card or money transfer. Please note that a first come-first serve rule applies. Also note that registration is only valid if the money has arrived by the time of the deadline. Registrations without payments will be cancelled. If you have a problem with payment please contact the conference manager at info-9IKC@copernicus.org.

7 Refunds

If the field trip is cancelled after the pre-registration deadline (6 February 2008), the complete pre-registration payment will be refunded with the exception of 10 Euros for handling. In other circumstances, the pre-registration payment is not refundable.
Refunds resulting from cancellation by a delegate will be refundable according to the following conditions: 80% by 31st May 2008, 50% by 30th June 2008. There will be no refunds after 30th June 2008.

8 Cancellations

All requests for cancellations of registration or field trip participation must be received in writing by post, e-mail or fax by the Conference Secretariat. Cancellations will not be accepted by telephone. All cancellations are subject to the limitations specified above.

9 General Conditions of Registration

It is expressly agreed that the members of the Organising Committee and the Conference Secretariat for 9th International Kimberlite Conference (9IKC), their legal representatives, directors and employees, and their agents, officers and services, shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered directly or indirectly by the person, possession or property of a conference participant or other person during or in connection with the events on the programme or any other activities of 9IKC for any reason whatsoever no matter howsoever caused.

It is agreed that the Organising Committee and the Secretariat for the 9IKC, and their agents and officers, reserve the right to cancel at any time any, or all, of the programmed or other activities if this should appear necessary as a result of events which are beyond their control or which they cannot reasonably be expected to influence or for which they are not responsible. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such events shall include force majeure, government or other official regulations, natural disasters, strikes of any kind whatsoever, civil, international or other crises, or any other unforeseen occurrence. Decisions regarding the necessity for such cancellation shall be taken by the Organising Committee, or their agents, at their sole discretion and shall be final.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to change any aspect of the conference as they see fit (the 9IKC web site will be updated accordingly). All costs presented here are estimates and may not reflect the actual cost in 2008 due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. fuel prices).

The 9IKC Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to the conference at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, or participation in any other 9IKC activities at other venues or participation in all or any part of the 9IKC field trip to any delegate who is considered by the 9IKC Organising Committee to be a security risk and/or a disruptive influence on the orderly conduct of all aspects of the 9th International Kimberlite Conference.

Notification of field trip places for registered delegates will be given via email. No earlier notifications will be given.

Please note that the general conditions of registration above as well as specific conditions stated on the field trip web pages apply. In particular please note that for some field trips you are required to arrange your own transport to and from a starting and finishing point. Details are provided on the appropriate web page. Field trip leaders will provide updates by email to registered delegates. For all field trips in Europe, it is essential to ensure that any appropriate additional documentation required for entry to those countries has been obtained prior to the conference. The 9IKC will not be responsible for any costs or inconvenience incurred should the delegate not be permitted entry to, or departure from, those countries.

Delegates while on company properties such as mines are subject to all company regulations, safety, security and other procedures and restrictions. They may reserve the right to restrict admittance. Failure to comply will result in the delegate being required to withdraw from the field trip at that point.

The field trip leader has the right to require that a delegate withdraws from the field trip immediately should that delegate demonstrate inappropriate behaviour or jeopardize the safety and security of other field trip members.

Delegates on a field trip must ensure that they have an adequate supply of any medications, money etc that they may require during the trip. In order not to interfere with field trip schedules unplanned stops will not be possible.