Conference Venue

The 9th International Kimberlite Conference (9IKC) will be held at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, between 10-15 August 2008. The conference venue will be the Casino of the I.G. Farben Building on the Campus Westend (see map). It forms the core of a new Campus of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt where the social science faculties are located. The I.G. Farben Building has a historical background which is important for Germany’s recent history: it served as the location of political meetings in 1945 that led to the formulation of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (see History of the I.G. Farben Building).

In addition to the Westend Campus, the University has two other locations: (i) the traditional Campus Bockenheim where the registration on Sunday 10 August will take place and some of the 9IKC social events will be nearby (icebreaker party, conference dinner), and (ii) the Campus Riedberg which is the new Campus for all natural science faculties, including the Institute of Geoscience. A visit of the laboratories of the petrology and geochemistry unit is possible on Wednesday afternoon 13 August 2008 (see Social and Guest Programme).

On Sunday, 10 August 2008, the registration desk will be open at the Café Juridicum at the Campus Bockenheim (see map and the “How to get to the 9IKC” description) from 14.00 hrs until 19.00 hrs. The icebreaker party at the nearby Senckenberg Museum starts at 19.00 hrs. Note that the registration desk will only be at the Café Juridicum (Campus Bockenheim) on Sunday 10 August. From Monday morning 11 August on, it will open at 7.30 hrs at the conference venue in the Casino of the I.G. Farben Building (Campus Westend) and remain attended until Friday afternoon 15 August 2008 17.30 hrs.


For travel information as well as a detailed map of the conference venue, see How to get to the 9IKC.